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DevOps – what is it and why does my company need to be across it?

History of DevOps

The fast-growing DevOps movement began in around 2007 in response to concerns about the fragmentations between software operations. Previously, developers who wrote or created the code worked completely independently from those who deployed or supported the programming. Thus, DevOps entered the industry. The word comes from a combination of development and operations signifying the unifying relationship as these practices are integrated into one process.

How does it work?

DevOps sees developers or code writers and IT operations working collaboratively throughout the process of creating software which increases the efficiency, speed, and quality of the final product. This changed approach has completely shifted the way the world sees software development and represents an image of the future of software.

The fundamental value of DevOps sees an integrated team who are all involved and invested in a project throughout the entire process leading to a united and efficient result.

The DevOps lifecycle

Scholars and developers who discuss and advocate a DevOps approach will often refer to the infinity loop which presents how the different steps of the process relate, integrate, and intercept. The loop signifies the constant collaboration, integration, and improvement that the DevOps approach depends on.

The left side of the loop represents the steps of development while the right side of the loop discusses everything included in the operations. To maintain the infinity symbol, each participant in the process has a responsibility to remain an active member throughout both the development and the operations while advocating for the continuous cycle of teamwork.

The benefits of DevOps

A 2020 survey showed 99% of respondents acknowledging a positive impact on their organisation or company due to DevOps integration. The main benefits that have been identified include speed, enhanced quality, tighter security, and improved workplace environment.


The intrinsic foundation of DevOps practices forces the release of deliverables more frequently. This continuous delivery is effective and allows for wider improvement in team building, product testing and final production.


DevOps has proven to rapidly improve the quality of products that are created using their techniques. The nature of a company that believes in efficiency can strive for and achieve enhanced quality in their services. Additionally, continuous integration ensures service changes are functional, safe, and effective.


DevSecOps refers to the integration of security in the entire production process. When development and operations can collaborate alongside security – it can become a more substantial and significant element within the larger practice. This is achieved by building security into the product, using active security audits, and testing into DevOps workflows.


A company that incorporates and values DevOps represents an ideological framework of collaboration and positive teamwork. The very foundation of the practice sees a culture of developers and operations teams working together, sharing workloads, combining ideas, and dividing responsibilities. This is further efficient for the company as it decreases time wasted on handovers and rather uses an organisation’s resources in the best possible way.  


“DevOps isn’t any single person’s job. It’s everyone’s job”
Robert Krohn – Head of Engineering, DevOps at Atlassian

This new perspective and outlook in approaching software development, while being met with its challenges has seen a large positive response. As DevOps is more integrated into the modern workplace, it has become an almost vital consideration in every organisation. If you would like to know more or have a consultation with SonicSoft about how to integrate DevOps into your practices, please reach out through our contact details or social media accounts.


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