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How Amazon Web services can benefit your business

Companies have increasingly acknowledged the business benefits of integrating cloud services into their operations. The growth of cloud optimisation is a reflection on a society that is being impacted by the transformation from Big Data. Today, the growing environment sees a multitude of cloud solutions available to companies and organisations, making it difficult to understand what the right fit is.

Within this saturated market Amazon and Microsoft have risen as leaders in the cloud competition, providing an efficient and beneficial service. While this blog will focus on Amazon Web Services and their data storage and app management capabilities, the previous blog delved into Microsoft Azure.

What is Amazon Web Services?

AWS aims to offer cost-effective cloud computing solutions that facilitates agility and innovation. Today, AWS facilitates 84 Availability Zones in 26 geographic regions across the globe with the plan for over 20 new zones. They provide a service that collates company data to a centralised space, accessible for all. The following points highlight the main benefits felt from implementing AWS into company operations.

Ease of use

Due to AWS’ simple makeup to ensure quick and secure access it has formed a simple service that gives control to the user. This power is seen in the ability to make data changes whenever and wherever suits them best. Lastly, the AWS team provides tutorials and online videos to help understand how to best use their services and incorporate them seamlessly into business operations.


The agility of AWS allows businesses to easily scale up or down depending on their needs and allowing for growth. The virtual environment offers the opportunity to customise programming languages and manage their systems and databases. This online ecosystem further adapts to downloading and manipulating different services and software to best benefit the company.

Reliable encryption and security

IT infrastructure and your information does not need to be a concern or stress due to AWS’ secure infrastructure. The security of their services has stood as a key selling feature of their product that has proven its reliability with previous clients. AWS’ data centres have secure backup locations to reinforce their commitment to security.

AWS takes physical and virtual layers of security very seriously.

Security innovation

AWS is continuously innovating and creating new ideas that re-establish their strong systems. Recently, a software that identifies sensitive information using behavioural analysis called Amazon Macie entered the virtual environment.


AWS dismisses the concept of long-term contracts and rather works off a ‘pay what you use’ system. This allows more conservative companies to make safe decisions without having to invest large amounts into uncertain spaces. The range of economical options favours any business model from start-ups to larger corporations.

Diverse array of tools

The initial aim of AWS was cloud storage whereas now they provide over 70 services including databases, software development kits (SDKs), mobile SDKs, analytics toolsets (APIs), networking equipment and more.

Quality control

Human error among other things can cause small yet far reaching consequences on the wider company. Therefore, AWS has created a system for all data to be saved in one centralised place ensuring data consistency. This also allows for integrated organisation work between employees showing each contributor a record of changes and edits. Systems like this avoids mistakes of different workers who manage different components of a project holding older version of the data.

As the digital future approaches the technological transformation sees an influx of data usage and increased company needs. While maintaining a modern operation, organisations struggle to stay across all their programs, data, and critical information. AWS provides the perfect solution for the modern digital age to ensure the highest level of service if provided for customers.

If your company is looking to take advantage of the benefits of implementing AWS into your operations reach out to SonicSoft for a consultation with our software development experts. 


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