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How can Microsoft Azure benefit your business?

Companies have increasingly acknowledged the business benefits of integrating cloud services into their operations. The growth of cloud optimisation is a reflection on a society that is being impacted by the transformation from Big Data. Today, the growing environment sees a multitude of cloud solutions available to companies and organisations, making it difficult to understand what the right fit is.

Within this saturated market Amazon and Microsoft have risen as leaders in the cloud competition, providing an efficient and beneficial service. While this blog will focus on Microsoft Azure and their data storage and app management capabilities, the following blog with delve into Amazon Web Services.

What is Microsoft Azure Cloud?

Microsoft Azure Cloud refers to several services that allow companies to store and manage their data and operations as well as several other specific practices. Their services include the following:

  • Azure compute: a service that enables companies to facilitate Linux and Windows virtual machines, achieve high availability and boost application development. Facilitates the creation of applications, microservices and APIs within the cloud.
  • Azure networking: allowing organisations to formulate hybrid computing frameworks using both public and private cloud foundation. This service benefits users by enabling secure and simple sharing of custom applications while the creator can monitor their network in real time.
  • Azure storage: the ultimate data storage service digitalizes the former physical hardware challenge. Data is encrypted to Azure and accessible through several programming languages.
  • Azure analytics: a service that assists in leadership decision making, Azure provides real-time data, complex and developed analytics and AI services that benefit company insight.
  • Azure backup: using a single click, this operation allows users to save or backup their data in an easy and simple way.
  • Azure disaster recovery: a range of disaster recovery tools that ensures safety and reassurance around spontaneous outages and machine or human error. Users can use recovery processes to recover or copy their data

Microsoft Azure is specifically beneficial for both larger and smaller businesses due to its customisation and personalisation abilities that suit each organisation’s needs.

Business benefits from Microsoft Azure

  1. On-demand scalability
  2. No on-site hardware required
  3. Cost-effective subscription models
  4. High availability
  5. Enterprise-level development tools
  6. World-class cybersecurity
  7. Advanced compliance features

If your company is looking to take advantage of the benefits of implementing Microsoft Azure into your operations reach out to SonicSoft for a consultation with our software development experts.  


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