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“Instagramming”: What is it and why does my business need it?

The last decade has seen a surge in everyday social media usage resulting in a shift of global digital communication. Today’s society is critiqued for their reliance on technology and mobile applications, evidenced in the recent distraught at the worldwide Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp shutdown for several hours. However, out of these three power platforms Instagram seems to cause the most confusion.

The concept of Instagram is fairly simple – instead of using words, users share their lives, thoughts and feelings through images. Stories, the new reels and a range of high-quality features and affordances fuel the frenzy of almost a quarter of the world’s active internet users.

SonicSoft Instagram profile @Sonicsoftau

1 billion monthly active users

500 million daily active users

Ranked as the 4th most popular social media network

On average 29 minutes daily spent by users

With these numbers it is easier to recognise the importance of businesses utilising Instagram to communicate with their audience. A common myth about business to customer communication is ensuring your content is high quality and interesting. While this is significant, there is little emphasis on efforts to capture the audience’s attention. This can be compared to delivering a speech to an empty room. In comparison, Instagram connects over one billion people worldwide and offers the ultimate desirable audience any business could imagine. It is important to remember with digital communication to follow the consumer and provide the information in the best way for them to receive it.

With the rise in social media mentioned earlier, consumers are impatient and get bored easily. Instagram’s swipe provides an easy option of passing ‘boring’ content. Consumers no longer endure this ‘boredom’ unless something catches their eye and cuts through the clutter. It is important to note, this boredom is not your average watching paint dry objective dull content. A business is required to convince consumers that their content is worth reading, worth spending time on and worth engaging with.

So, how does a business combat the world of ‘Instagramming’ and grab their audience’s attention? The best way is to imagine your Instagram profile as your shop front.

 Let the business’ character and tone shine through and create a space for consumers. Your profile should welcome customers to interact and engage with your product or service as you would strive for in a physical alternative.

Hence, make it comfortable, make it easy and make it pretty.

But most of all make it and put effort into it.


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