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Why move to Azure: For Small Medium Businesses (SMBs)

Identifying with Azure

Azure is Microsoft’s all-encompassing public cloud computing platform. It is a one stop shop for Software-as-a-Service, Platform-as-a-Service, and Infrastructure-as-a-Service. As such, these services can be used to complement or replace many of your own on-premises solutions. Built on state-of-the-art technologies, Azure is an efficient and affordable platform, making it one of the top-tier public cloud offerings available today.

How can SMBs utilise Azure?

Cloud computing remains one of the most affordable methods of starting on your company‚Äôs tech journey. Especially due to Azure’s regional pricing model, no matter where in the world you are based, you can find a package that is just right for your business. AZURE brings the opportunity to avoid large capital expenditure (CAPEX) in terms of investing on servers and supporting infrastructure, and the ability to utilise the myriad services built into Azure.

What are the benefits of moving to Azure?

Ultimately it comes down to this. Is moving to Azure going to impact your business and your bottom-line? If so how? The answers to these are simple. Yes, and let us discuss how.

Lower investment and running costs

The biggest benefit for SMBs is also the most obvious. A large IT investment at the start of your journey can act as a deterrent to many. This investment comes not only in terms of hardware, but also building space, cooling solutions, cost of electricity, and cost of setup and installation. However, when you consider Azure as your starting point, much of that same infrastructure is already laid out for you, and your payments are done in an affordable subscription model. Further in the long run, you eliminate the cost of maintenance and upgrading your on-premises infrastructure solutions bringing more savings and potentially covering a large part of your subscription cost.

App Modernisation

Rather than investing in traditional web solutions or client server solutions, cloud solutions allow you to bring the most recent technology solutions to your end users. Giving you enterprise level technology for a fraction of the cost. In terms of both internal and external customers, cloud solutions allow you to utilise the latest UX practises and software architecture methods to build applications that are a pleasure to use. This goes a long way in helping you stand out from your peers and gain a competitive edge in the market.

Unlimited scalability

For an SMB with on-premises solutions, scaling up or down becomes a costly operation. This can be especially true if you are a company that sees a seasonal surge in business. The cost of providing infrastructure that can handle that surge becomes a stagnant investment for the rest of the year. However, using Azure, you are free to scale your solutions upwards and downwards when required by the business in order to provide an efficient service to your end-users. Another case where this stands out as a benefit is if your company is involved in a larger than usual project. Once again you are able to scale up your solution to keep up with temporary staff expansions and other project demands. All of this can be then scaled down once the project has wound down without any significant investment, other than a small hike in the monthly subscription.

Security and compliance

For SMBs maintaining data security solutions on-premises can be a costly and possibly a prohibitive investment. Microsoft is an industry leader meeting the security, compliance, and privacy guidelines established by even the most stringent industries and has even helped establish some of these guidelines. Moving to an Azure solution puts this expertise at the disposal of your business as well. Azure provides 24/7/365 security that monitor your cloud solutions helping you to keep your data private and secure, and their team of cybersecurity experts are always there to help you find the best solutions for your company.

Additionally, with Azure’s built-in disaster and recovery and backup solutions remove the need for you to invest in any costly on-premises recovery solutions. You can be sure that your business will be up and running at a fraction of the cost and, more importantly, time it would take you otherwise. With a US $ 1 billion annual investment in cyber security, your data will be safer than ever before.

Support for Growth

As discussed before, Azure provides unprecedented scalability and flexibility to grow your business. This is true not only seasonally or project-wise but as a major value add to any SMB that hopes to grow and flourish over the years. The ability to gradually upgrade and scale up your IT solutions without a significant CAPEX investment is a major win for any SMB.

In conclusion

The Azure solution stack is currently used by nearly 95% of fortune 500 companies. However Azure solutions are not limited to large enterprises but offer amazing solutions for SMBs across the board. Regardless of your business vertical, Azure provides solutions that can help you to grow quickly and flexibly, all while providing savings in CAPEX and running costs. Finding the correct solutions and package for your business in Azure is as simple as talking to the correct team who can help you with your Azure journey. Talk to us today and find out how to start saving time and money on your IT solutions.

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